World Hearing Day 2021

World Hearing day is held on 3rd March each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world. For 2021, the theme is, ‘Hearing Care for all: screen, Rehabilitate, communicate’. It’s a campaign observed worldwide and naturally the theme is decided by the office of the prevention of Blindness and the Deafness of the world Health Organization.

OHDIR Foundation is a National NGO Working in the field of Health and research in Bangladesh. As this organization is working closely to prevent community blindness as well as community deafness OHDIR Foundation applied for WHD Small Grants Award of Coalition for Global Hearing Health / World Health Organization. After the evaluation of proposals of day observation OHDIR Foundation has been awarded the grant for proposed activity. After getting the email regarding the award, OHDIR Foundation performed activities of World Hearing Day- 2021. Among the said activities of OHDIR foundation, Free Screening & Awareness Camp, Webinar & Workshop are remarkable.

OHDIR Foundation expresses its gratefulness to Global Hearing Health / World Health Organization for supporting to observe the day so delightfully. OHDIR Foundation also grateful to its sister organizations ‘PROBRITTO’ and ‘The Hearing Solution’ as well as the consultants and guests for sparing their valuable time for OHDIR and making the day successful. OHDIR will continue its effort to prevent community deafness & blindness from its limited capacity. In future, OHDIR Foundation will try to perform the research on ‘Hearing Situation of Traffic Constables and Bus Drivers & Helpers of Dhaka City’ if proper funding is available. It may be noted that, OHDIR Foundation has community blindness and deafness prevention program.