Primary Eye Care at Kamalganj.

Yes! We are glad to announce that we have started primary eye screening program at our Kamalganj Unit Office. All kinds of primary screening of eye care is available here within our limited capability. Till now, we are in shortage of some of the instruments like refractometer, opthalmoscope etc. Nevertheless we are grateful to our honorable well-wishers for their continuous support towards our craggy journey.

We have started this service with the help of a philanthropic donation from an individual who has provided the amount to purchase the initial instruments for the service. But the challenge is to continue service of the service through achieving proper sustainability. That’s why OHDIR is taking a minimum amount of money as the service charge to ensure the sustainability of the service in the locality.

By the way, this may be noted that OHDIR Foundation has no foreign donation/contribution for any of the services or projects like some other traditional NGOs of Bangladesh. We are trying to implement all the projects from our limited resources and from the philanthropic donations like ‘Zakat’ or ‘Special Donation’ from the individuals of Bangladesh.

It’s a continuation of the regular activities of OHDIR Foundation as Kamalganj is one of the remote areas of Bangladesh, where is no eye care centers in the total upazila at all. People of the locality have to go minimum 20 kilometers far from their living place for any kinds of primary eye care service. Considering the fact, OHDIR was trying to start the service in the the locality for a long period of time. Lastly we have started the service. Congratulations and Gratefulness to all of our well-wishers for the final achievement.

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